Why Body Parts Prosthetics?
Because our products are known for their innovation, quality and dependability.

Whether you're in shape to run a marathon or just looking to keep up with your grandchildren, Body Parts Prosthetics is certain to have a prosthetic system to fit your life-style.

Just one free call 985-730-4357 and a representative will meet patients in rural hospitals nursing homes and their own homes. With today's technology, such as digital cameras, computers, and modular componentry, our staff can focus on one patient from start to finish, without interruptions. This allows the prosthetic device to be completed and delivered in a timely manner.

Locally Owned
Body Parts is locally owned and operated, and was established with the knowledge that every prosthetic facility wants to thrive in this increasingly competitive health care market. These goals are accomplished through the use of today's latest technoloy and advanced components.

"The Amputee Comes First!"
Comprising individual component parts with new design systems allows the amputee to help choose the feet, ankles, knees, and functional combinations that best meets his or her needs.

Acquiring authorization for a state of the art prosthesis requires a unique approach. Our staff excels in obtaining the required medical documentation necessary for maximum reimbursement, therefore allowing little or no out of pocket expenses for the patient. We are providers for Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance. All claim forms are billed in-house, eliminating confusion while maintaining patient confidentiality.

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