- the product that changed everything
The IP+ automatically adjusts the swing of the knee to match the individual amputee’s walking speeds. This results in a more natural way of walking that is easier for the wearer.

Proven by established cognitive and cardio-pulmonary testing to require less effort from the amputee.
Over 2000 units now in service worldwide.

IP+ wearers comment that they no longer have to think about changes in their walking speeds - the IP+ does it for them.

High reliability from a neat and robust power supply module.

Prosthetists can program the device in minutes to give precise swing adjustment for the individual’s normal, fast and slow gait.

Programmable with cosmesis in place and in a normal everyday environment
Significantly reduces gait deviations and walking effort
Adjusts automatically to any speed
Easy change of program setting
Generous battery life and easy replacement
Quick to learn and simple to operate