muscular instability of the lumbar spine and thorocolumbar junction
lumbago in disc protrusion or disc prolaps
lumbago in osteoporosis
post-operative therapy after disc surgerys (-replacements)
lumbar stress syndromes
pseudo radicular pain syndromes in activated spondylarthrosis

Mode of action
stabilizing elements can be removed in three steps enabling adjustment to suit patient's recovery state and prevents muscle atrophy
relieves pressure on the affected spinal segments by reducing muscle tone
flattens the lumbar lordosis (bridging of the lumbar lordosis)
supports the abdominal area (activates the abdominal muscles)
reduces pelvic anterior rotation

active breathing structure of the support with the climatherm® - fabric: the skin-friendly knit transfers moisture quickly and completely from the skin to the outside of the support for comfortable wearing
anatomically knitted support ensures a perfect fit
available as men's and ladie's version