The Miami J® Collar represents a breakthrough in the immobilization and care of patients with stable injuries of the cervical spine. Clinical tests in leading laboratories and trauma centers across the U.S. indicate that this collar offers excellent patient comfort and compliance with c-spine immobilization equal to extrication collars. This product is specifically designed to meet the needs of the ambulatory patient who must wear a cervical collar for an extended period of time.

Superior Immobilization
• Polyethylene shell provides rigid support and immobilization in flexion, extension, lateral tilt, and rotation.

• Two-piece design allows symmetrical application in the patient’s neutral spinal alignment.

• Broad area of occipital support cradles the patient’s head.

Patient Compliance
• Angulation of mandible and occipital portion of collar is adjustable to match patient’s anatomy.

• Contact pressure is evenly distributed across the jaw, sternum, and occiput, and entirely relieved from the clavicle.

• All contact areas are lined with comfortable foam padding.

Inhibits Skin Breakdown
• Technologically advanced Sorbatex padding is designed to quickly absorb and wick moisture away from the skin for rapid evaporation, keeping it dry and comfortable.

• The vented collar shell allows air to circulate to the skin.

• Breathable mandible and occipital pads are removable and washable.

The Lerman Minerva Cervical Orthosis immobilizes the cervical spine from C1 to T1 and may be used post-surgically including post-halo applications for severe cervical lesions. Encompasses the occiput, mandible, upper thorax and forehead. Pre-fabricated, flexible polyetheylene body jacket with reinforced aluminum anterior and posterior uprights. Velour-covered, opencell liner “breathes” for patient comfort. Circumferential head band provides additional control of flexion, extension and rotation. 50mm diameter aperture in anterior upright for tracheotomy compatibility. For easy fitting, and to correctly unload spine, overall height adjustment points may be made quickly.

Liners are attached to polyethylene superstructure with VELCRO® for removal when fitting or cleaning.